Navigation on the Beagle
Channel to Penguin Rockery

Navigation on the Beagle Channel to Penguin Rockery


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Navigate along the mythic Beagle Channel to the Penguin Rockery and enjoy the natural environment.
Navigation on the Beagle Channel to Penguin Rockery
The navigation sets off from Ushuaia’s Tourist Port. While we drift away from the city coast to get deep on the Beagle Channel we’ll find out more of the amazing view points at the End of the World.

You’ll see the city crowned with the impressive Mount Olivia and Cinco Hermanos mountains. We’ll also be able to see the most emblematic buildings of the city such as Ushuaia Maritime and Prison Museum, Museum of the End of the World and the industrial area.
The navigation sets off southeast towards Bridges archipelago. Our first stop will be at Sea Lions Island. We’ll be able to watch different seals samples in their permanent habitant. Doubtlessly, this is marvelous scenery.

We keep navigating along the Beagle Channel, this time towards Birds Island. This is the natural environment for magellanic cormorants and imperial shags, a privileged place to see authentic marine birds in incredible scenery.

The furthest point during the navigation will be Les Éclaireurs lighthouse on an archipelago that carries the same name. This is also the place for Mt. Cervantes’ shipwreck in 1930.
Sailing past the south coast of the Big Island of Tierra del Fuego we’ll be able to see Remolino ranch and spot Mount Sarmiento’s shipwreck. Crossing the channel from north to south we’ll come across Gable Island and Puerto Williams base (located on Navarino Island, Republic of Chile).

When we reach Martillo Island, we get closer to the beach and stay there for a certain time. It’ll be amazing to observe a colony of magellanic penguins setting their nests during summer season. Penguins will get closer by curiosity swimming towards the vessel and emerging, having a celebration that invites us to take as many pictures as possible.

From this point we sail back to Ushuaia Tourist Pier spotting Túnel and Fique ranches.

Useful Information

  • Length: 6 hs.
  • Departure: Ushuaia’s Tourist Pier
  • Type of experience: Maritime
  • Additional charges: Port Fee
  • Frequency: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 15 pm (between October and April)
  • Suggestions: Waterproof clothes and comfortable shoes.Rreturn by land.
  • Cancellations free of charge.
  • Passengers must be on the Tourist Pier 30 minutes before departure.

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